Black Teas

With its robust aroma and full bodied taste, Black Teas have been enticing palates the world over for centuries. One of the most popular types of tea in both the east and the west, this enriching beverage also comes in a range of flavours. Infused with exotic fruit or spice essences, these varieties complement and enhance the rich taste of this exquisite tea brew.

Since the origin of tea brewing dates back to ancient China, it comes as a little surprise that the innovation of Black Tea originated from here as well. Also known as “red tea” in China due to its deep crimson hue, this variety of tea is distinguished by a unique fermentation process. It is this special process that not only gives the leaves a darker colour, but a more potent taste that has become so loved the world over.

Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that help promote good health, Black Teas are also known for their relatively high caffeine content that offers the perfect energy boost, stimulating both the mind and the body. Serving as a great “pick me up” at the start of the day or a refreshing brew that leaves you revitalised, the bold flavour of Black Tea is the perfect companion for both an active and laidback lifestyle.

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