Earl Grey Classic

The fascinating story of Earl Grey Classic Tea can be traced back to the 19th century when an intrepid clipper which was travelling on the high seas was caught in a storm and during the ensuing tumult, bergamot oil spilled onto some tea in the hold. This accidental “blending” led to the birth of a new exotic tea which made its way into the hands of former prime minister of Britain, Earl Charles Grey. Falling in love with its unique taste, he began to popularize this new variety of tea leading to his name becoming linked to the delicious blend. The rest as they say is history!

The rich aroma and flavour of this black tea continues to captivate tea connoisseurs the world over to this day, with Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas being infused with the soothing essence extracted from the aromatic skin, of fruits from the Citrus bergamia tree. Mainly found in Italy, this tree blossoms during the winter and the juice of its luscious fruit has a distinct taste that is less sour than lemon, while being a bit more bitter than grapefruit.

Our Earl Grey Classic Tea is made using pure Ceylon tea blended with natural Bergamot flavour, enriching every cup with a soothing fragrance that helps you to unwind. An ideal complement to shortbread and cream scones, it is the perfect blend for afternoon or evening tea. You can even try our Earl Grey Classic Tea on ice, offering a refreshing and cool twist to your tea drinking experience. Feel the stress and strain of the day gently wash away with each revitalizing sip of this exquisite Marah Tea, as you sit back and share conversations with family and friends.


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