Specially created to suit tea drinkers who enjoy life on the go, our Energy Tea features a unique blend of natural essences that stimulates the palate and the mind. This spicy aromatic Black Tea blend features a variety of key ingredients that not only complement its rich flavour, but enhances it as well.

Infused with the cooling compounds of peppermint, Energy acts as the perfect stimulant that both revives and refreshes the system with each flavourful sip. Known for its healing properties, lemongrass lends further to the tea’s distinct taste, while a gentle undertone of lemon and mint flavour with a hint of ginger rounds off this delicious all natural blend.

The strong but soothing goodness of Energy leaves you not only revitalised, but alert as well, providing that all important boost for the day. Helping to put back the zest into life, this exquisite Marah tea is an ideal drink to enjoy with those who share your passions and interests or to give as a gift for that special someone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

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