English Breakfast

A perfect brew to wake up to, the sweet aroma of English Breakfast Tea is complemented by a full bodied taste, awakening the mind and soothing the soul. A popular black tea, its strong taste combines perfectly with milk and sugar and is an ideal companion to a hearty breakfast meal.

The origin of this variety of tea is widely believed to be in Edinburgh, Scotland. Introduced sometime during the 19th century, it soon became a hit in London, thanks partly due to the fact that it was popularized by Queen Victoria. Soon, English Breakfast Tea became very much a part of British tradition and spread to its colonies and beyond.

Marah Tea gives you the opportunity to savour the quintessential taste of English Breakfast Tea, with our delicious blend containing a harmonious combination of both strong taste and aroma. Rich in antioxidants, this revitalizing tea has just the right amount of caffeine for that early morning boost. With its comforting aroma gently wafting through the air and stimulating your senses, a refreshing cup of English Breakfast Tea sets the perfect mood for lively conversation and good times.

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