Herbal Teas

Among the host of herbal infusions available, there is always an herbal tea that is just perfect for every mood and every moment. Herbal teas are made using every part of a plant, not just the leaves, but also the flowers, fruits, bark, roots, and seeds resulting in an endless variety of healthy flavors.

It is not only the strong tantalizing taste and aroma that has captivated the herbal tea drinker, but many people enjoy the inherent benefits of the flavoring herbs in any herbal tea. For instance, the mint leaves, which is a common ingredient used in producing herbal tea, has a pleasant aromatic and sweet flavor with a cool aftertaste and known for its ability in soothing the digestive tract and revitalizing the dull and damaged skin.

This all natural brew does not contain caffeine which in turn gives it a mild, satisfying quality and also increases its popularity among the tea drinkers nowadays. From the sweet, citrusy to the spicy, Marah’s herbal tea varieties have something for every tea lover.

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