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The art of tea blending is as much a process born out of inspirational creativity as it is a science. Giving you the unique opportunity to take part in this special process, Marah lets you put together your own personal blend, one that suits your taste and personality. Select from the range of all natural ingredients listed below and come up with your own combinations, creating a distinct blend, tailor made to your specification.

To help ensure that the infusion of flavours do not overpower each other, the use of some ingredients have been specifically limited. You can also consult our experienced tea tasters who are on hand to offer their expert advice and feedback to help get your combination just right.

So be as creative as you want and let the adventures in blending begin!

Since this service is exclusively designed for individual tea lovers, quantities are limited to 10kg per shipment. For commercial quantities please contact us.

Teas, herbs, spices & fruits

Green Tea Green Tea   clove Clove  
Black Tea Black Tea   ginger Ginger  
camomile Camomile   licorice Licorice  
rosehip Rosehip   lemonpeel Lemonpeel  
hibiscus Hibiscus   apple Apple  
lemongrass Lemongrass   Star Anise Star Anise  
lavender Lavendar Maximum usage 20% redrosepetals Red Rose Petals  
peppermint Peppermint
  marigold Marigold  
cinnamon Cinnamon   cornflower Cornflower Maximum usage 4%

Flavours (Natural) - (Maximum usage 4%)

Earl Gray (Bergamot)   Pomegranate
Orange   Ginger
Strawberry   Lemon
Raspberry   Peppermint
Mango   Lime
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Let's Blend  

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