Organic Teas

Specially grown without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, Organic Tea has a unique taste rich in flavour and aroma. The process is extremely eco-friendly and relies on nature’s own bounty, to provide the perfect environment in which these tea bushes can flourish. While the methods of growing this variety of tea is more labour intensive, the final outcome is a distinctive brew that is at once identifiable by its overall potency in flavour.

Cultivated in soil rich in minerals and nutrients, the organic variety also abounds in antioxidants which enhance the benefits of this delicious all natural beverage. Coming in both liquid and granular form, Organic Tea lets you enjoy a fresh brew the way nature intended.

This type of tea with its strong natural essence helps soothe the senses, with each refreshing sip transporting you to a more relaxed state of mind. Best of all, with its calming aroma and rich taste, a cup of comforting Organic Tea is the perfect drink to share and enjoy good times with those you love.

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