Original Green Tea

Explore rich and varied world of Green Tea, Marah has in store for you which gives the discerning tea lovers the soothing experience of an unblended cup of Original Green Tea. Hand- plucked from a single estate of Ceylon, this unflavoured green tea turns into a delicate pale yellow liquor when steeped while adding a mild grassy aroma and a pleasantly bitter taste. 

This pure cup of life is commonly known for its medicinal qualities which could burn abdominal fat, fight cancer, improve your metabolism, and boost up your energy after a long day’s work.

Its pleasant and slightly bitter note with a clean finish could make this all natural, unblended brew a true palate cleanser after a hearty meal. Relaxing your mind with every refreshing sip, a cup of Original Green Tea could be a wonderful indulgence for a true green tea lover.

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