In order to let you savour the exotic flavour and rich aroma of Marah Tea, each exquisite tea variety is expertly packaged to ensure that the fresh taste is carefully preserved. Be it in regular tea bags, innovatively designed pyramid tea bags, distinctive canisters or unique handmade containers, our premium teas come in a range of attractive packaging that is ideal for personal use or to give as gifts.


A perfect gift idea, the elegantly designed Marah Tea canisters are sealed air tight, protecting the crispiness of the tea leaves and ensuring its fresh aromatic essence remains untainted.

Regular Tea Bags

Ideal for everyday tea drinkers, our carefully packed regular tea bags contain all the refreshing goodness of tea in an easy to use pack that is both convenient and time saving.

Pyramid Tea Bags

Filled with premium quality Ceylon tea, our unique pyramid tea bags are specially designed to let you better enjoy the exotic tastes and aromas of exquisite leaf tea.

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