This lively tisane of camomile infused with green tea and lemon grass is entrapped by an aromatic zest of cinnamon, star anise and soft red rose petals that any tea drinker is sure to love.  When steeped, this all natural brew gives off a smell of freshly cut apples and produces a rich, golden cup with soothing flavour and floral note.

The mild aromatic essence of lemongrass and camomile which are well known for its mild sedative properties will relieve anxiety, bring along calm relaxation and put you to a sweet slumber at the end of a long day. The antioxidants of green tea are commonly known for its medicinal value to help fight cancer and sure to invigorate your body all at once. The gentle aroma of the spices combined with strawberry flavour complements the relaxing properties of the blend.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this exquisite tea with your loved ones and let the Marah adventure unfold with every sweet and spicy cup of Relax.

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