Tea Types

The humble tea leaf has come a long way since it was discovered in China over 4,000 years ago. While the rich aroma and refreshing taste of tea has remained the same over the centuries, the introduction of new blends and flavours have further enhanced its appeal. Marah Tea lets your taste buds experience the exotic world of tea, with each variety featuring its own distinct flavour, aroma and special characteristics.

Green Teas

An excellent addition for a healthy lifestyle, green tea is blended with a variety of exotic fruits, flowers, spices or oils. This refreshing tea is also rich in natural flavonoid antioxidants, ideal for promoting good health.

Black Teas

One of the world’s most popular types of tea, black tea features a potent taste rich in flavour and aroma. This traditional and refreshing brew also offers the perfect energy boost, stimulating both the mind and the body.

Herbal Teas

An all natural brew, herbal tea is made utilizing every part of the tea plant including its flowers, fruits, bark, roots and seeds. This invigorating tea does not contain caffeine and its aromatic and sweet flavour is both delicious and healthy.

Organic Teas

Grown without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides of any kind, organic tea is a distinctive brew that has a rich potent flavour. Abounding in antioxidants, its strong natural essence helps soothe the senses and calm the mind.

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