Luxury Organic Tea

Our Story

The Dunumadalawa estate is a family owned plantation curated as an eco friendly Tea garden in the outskirts of Kandy, the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka.    

By adopting traditional organic agricultural and natural farming practices we were able to convert the estate into a complete Certified Organic Tea garden.

Our Teas

Our organic Teas are made from the finest handpicked two leaves and buds. We have adopted the principles of orthodox Tea manufacturing and perfected a unique process that ensures all our Teas carry a very distinct infusion, a mesmerising aroma and sensational flavours.

Collectible Masterpieces

We have designed a range of limited edition collectible masterpieces that will carry our premium Organic Tea and gift you with a valuable addition to their homes.

Up-cycled Packaging

All the packaging in our products are made out of up-cycled material by a group of creative ladies who handcraft them into environmental friendly packaging.

With every purchase of our product you contribute towards the livelihood of our stakeholders and the well being of their families.