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Marah Tea invites you to share in the rich aromatic goodness of the world’s most popular beverage, tea. Come discover the irresistible tastes and rich aromas of this delicious all natural brew, as it tantalizes your taste buds, soothes the senses and refreshes the mind.

Our range of Green, Black, Herbal and Organic teas, are uniquely blended to suit varying moods and lifestyles, be it laidback living to those who enjoy life on the go. Understanding that each individual is different and has diverse tastes, Marah Tea also gives you the exclusive opportunity to create your own exotic tea. Infusing key ingredients of your preference, this signature blend can be a reflection of who you are, each sip bursting with a unique combination of flavours and aromas that are your own creation.

Continually looking to improve your tea drinking experience, we also offer innovative pyramid tea bags that let you enjoy the rich and potent taste of leaf tea, in the convenience of a bag. Subtly blending traditional teas and herbs with natural essences that enhance the overall taste, each cup of exquisite Marah Tea is a celebration of life, love and relaxed conversation.

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our teas

  • Energy

    Specially created to suit tea drinkers who enjoy life on the go, our Energy Tea features a uniqu...Read more

  • Cheer

    Inspired by the legacy of Ceylon tea and enthused by the myriad of possibilities, Marah proudl...Read more

  • Relax

    This lively tisane of camomile infused with green tea and lemon grass is entrapped by an aromati...Read more

  • Earl Grey Classic

    The fascinating story of Earl Grey Classic Tea can be traced back to the 19th century when an in...Read more

  • Original Black Tea

    A personification of the delicious goodness of a cup of pure black tea, our Original Black Tea ...Read more

  • English Breakfast

    A perfect brew to wake up to, the sweet aroma of English Breakfast Tea is complemented by a ful...Read more

  • Camomile Bliss

    An ideal drink to have at the end of a long day, our Camomile Bliss offers a truly relaxing dri...Read more

  • Jasmine Soul

    Mildly flavouring the finest of Ceylon Green Tea with the aromatic essence of jasmine, we presen...Read more

  • Original Green Tea

    Explore rich and varied world of Green Tea, Marah has in store for you which gives the discernin...Read more

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